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At the beginning of this year, 2014, I decided finally to go vegan. Be vegan  means transform your diet on plants, vegetables, not include any animal product.  As I hadn’t eaten meat a lot for long time  I didn’t expect veganism to be a big change for my nutricional habits. In fact, I’m really happy with the decision I made. I also decided stop to drink  all kind of alcohol.

But be vegan is not really simple. You need to be really careful if you diet contains enough amount of protein and leafy green. I started to reading books about veganism and I’m planning to consult with a professional nutricionist.

In my understanding eating veganism is not only being on diet but conscious, healthy living! Living in harmony with all other living creatures, feeling more connected with ourselves and the outer world while bringing the best of ourselves out to the surface and seeing the world from a whole different angle.

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Milão Fashion Week







Milão Fashion Week a todo o vapor. Nossa querida editora-chefe Steffi conseguiu os melhores cliques Street Style momentos antes do desfile PRADA para o  magazine Stylight 

Duas importantes blogueiras italianas marcaram presença: Irene Colzi do blog e Eleonora Carisi do

Eleonora apostou num vestido de estampa floral e Irene apostou no grunge.


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Casual Green

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Hey guys

Here we go again. I have been quite  busy these days, get envolving myself with different projects and obligations. It is just a  simple math equation: work +blogs + extra obligations = less time. By the way  I always find time ;)

Casual Friday (or not), casual outfit (or not). When you thing about  casual look  or style in terms of fashion means a low profile significante composition of clothes. You’re free. The great thing to wear casual is how acessories can change significantly  your look.

Whether you’re a street pump princess or a sexy stiletto lover, putting your best foot forward can only sharpen your style. For instance, pointy-toe (not as exaggerated as popular styles from years past) shoes can instantly elongate legs and charming flats can give thrown on jeans and t-shirts the appearance of being thoughtfully planned. This is also the perfect category to think outside the box with color-metallics can act as neutrals and matchy-matchy (shoes to ensemble) isn’t necessarily considered a do.

Jewelry, Sunglass

Adorning yourself with distinctive gems can add a new layer of dimension to a seen-before ensemble. Layer on the jewels for unexpected appeal or pick one conversation piece to make a dramatic statement. Use Sunglasses to light up your face, rings draw attention to lithe hands, bracelets can anchor toned arms, and dangling earrings accentuate strong shoulders and a graceful neck.


Nothing says sophisticated like a clutch that can take you from day to night, a sturdy satchel or bowler adds professional polish, and frameless shoulder bags lend an effortlessly relaxed appeal. Be bold with bags with embellishments and bright colors or keep it classic with rich neutral tones and smart details.

Hope you like It. ;)


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